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Granola Breakfast Parfait | A super healthy breakfast you can make in less then 10 minutes.

Parfait is a french dessert which means "perfect" in French. This custard based dessert is usually served in tall parfait glasses layered with fresh fruits and served chilled. But Granola parfait is originated in America and now a days quite popular because of it's healthy attributes. The recipe I'm going to share today is Pomegranate granola parfait. This is made with granola, hung curd, banana, pomegranate and a drizzle of honey. The essential base ingredients of any granola parfait are yogurt and granola. The add-ins you can choose according to your liking such as any fresh fruit, frozen fruits, chocolate whatever you like.

Granola parfait is a healthy breakfast option. But it can turn into not so healthy or even not at all healthy depending on the add-ins. I always recommend to use homemade granola (check my homemade granola recipe if you want to make some) because of their less sugar content and amazing taste. Of course you can use store bought too. Use any flavored yogurt or plain Greek yogurt. But hung curd works fine for me so using that. Add fruits of your choice, drizzle some honey and you are ready to enjoy this healthy yummy breakfast.

Now you must be thinking I'm saying key ingredient is yogurt where as I'm using hung card. Are they same? No they are not. But you can say they are cousins. For a long time I used to think curd and yogurt are same. Our very own curd aka dahi traveled abroad and became yogurt (I can think many such weird things, childhood problem... ha ha). Even if you hung curd and separate the liquid it becomes thick curd not yogurt. Tough the process of making curd and yogurt is same, the difference is in the culture used to ferment the milk. Curd contains Lactobacillus bacterium where as yogurt contains live strains of Lactobacillus bulgaris and Streptococcus thermophilus. Hope you get it. Now coming back to kitchen from biology class lets talk about the parfait.

To prepare parfait in the morning, prepare your granola (or buy a pack) beforehand, hung curd in a muslin cloth and keep in the refrigerator. De-seed pomegranate and keep in an airtight container. At morning just assemble everything and enjoy. It's that simple.

Here is how to make it step-by-step:

Gather all your ingredients.

Mix honey with hung curd.

In a glass put some sliced banana.

Now put few spoon of curd/yogurt to form a layer.

Add some pomegranate pearls.

Then add few spoons of granola.

Repeat the layers one more time. And your granola parfait is ready to serve.

Can it be more simple to have a delicious healthy breakfast? It looks as pretty as it tastes.

Make some for yourself, enjoy, and don't forget to tell me how was it.

Pomegranate Granola Parfait

Prep time: 10 Minutes

Total time: 10 minutes

Yields: 1 Serving

Cuisine: American


  • Granola 1/4 cup

  • Hung curd or yogurt 1/2 cup

  • Pomegranate pearls 1/2 cup

  • 1 medium size banana sliced

  • 2 teaspoon honey + extra for drizzle on top


  • Gather all your ingredients.

  • Mix honey with hung curd.

  • In a glass put some sliced banana.

  • Add some pomegranate pearls.

  • Then add few spoons of granola.

  • Repeat the layers one more time.

Taadaa ..... Your Pomegranate granola parfait is ready to Serve. Drizzle some honey on top and enjoy.


  • Use any fresh or frozen fruits of your choice.

  • You can use few chocolate chips or pieces of chocolate if you want.

  • You can use date syrup or maple syrup instead of honey.

  • Use curd, hung curd or yogurt whatever you like.

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