Hi! welcome to B for Baking C for Cooking. Happy to see you here.  
I'm Raggi. A homemaker, a mom, a passionate baker, a cooking enthusiast & a foodie.


You must have heard this many times "You are what you eat". I truly believe in it. Good food can really cheer you up & make you happy. When you cook for your family or friends it gives you lots of satisfaction & pleasure, a feeling out of this world. Isn't it? So I'm here to help you learn some delicious recipes which I have learnt over the past few years through trials and errors. Ever since I started cooking there was no turning back, gradually it became my passion. I love to explore different cuisines around the globe along with different kinds of Indian food. I keep cooking again & again until I get the perfect taste of the recipe. So the recipes I'm sharing, you can be sure of will give you the same perfection & pleasure. 

Apart from cooking I love photography, reading books, listening music & travelling.

To see what I've been up to, just sit back, relax & browse my site to enjoy delicious recipes. 

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

With Love & gratitude